The Rogue will largely have Kamas Dofus Retro

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The Rogue will largely have Kamas Dofus Retro, in a group, a part of Damage Dealer, Placer and Trainer (based on his component ). It enables his team to do damage in addition to move his allies because his enemies to allow his group to damage in a way other than its combos that are explosive. The main benefit of the Rogue: it's a little"Swiss army knife". He could play with a lot of damage to alter a match with a large one shot, or using a melee care to support his team, and even have some hindrance, thanks to his bombs along with a little handle to stop his enemies from moving or acting. The Rogue has elemental spells, but mainly a lot of positioning spells.The community asks the return of this drop of equipment and rare resources on the critters of Dofus for many months (years?) , The group DOFUS responded in part during the year for this petition 2018 via the introduction of objects Cosmetics obtainable on Dofus's Bosses. Some can be obtained through the year and others are linked to events over a short time period.

For season 2 of the Temporis version, the DOFUS group would like to go and allows Dofus players to recuperate all the equipment of Dofus on creatures. The gear will be of a level connected to this conquered monster. Taking into account the possible generation of tools and items, the obtaining rates of these were reduced, leaving the Dofus players the shock of the drop at the close of the struggle.

It is very important to specify a piece of equipment can be had on each monster in precisely the fight. A monster can win gear that is different to buy Dofus Kamas players of the struggle. Significantly, the gear related to event content (kits of Vulkania, Halouine and the Island of Nowel) can't be obtained on monsters that don't belong to those specific contents. Items that are legendary seem to be part of and may obviously be obtained.

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