The Forthos Dungeon passed RS gold player polls

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Exploring the new Forthos Dungeon

The Forthos Dungeon passed RS gold player polls with an overwhelming 90% favorable vote, therefore it was eventually released at the start of July. It's located right under Hosidius, which is the reason why it may also be referred to as the Hosidius Dungeon. Both players and developers have likened the dungeon to the Talverly Dungeon, albeit being in a significantly smaller scale.Found inside are equally new and familiar creatures, such as a minigame and farmable boss.

In Search of Knowledge

This is a brand new mini-quest centered around the dungeon using the capability to get three encounter lamps, giving 10,000 experience each in almost any skill that is at Level 40. The tomes must be full of pages dropped by monsters within the dungeon, being the tatter Moon webpages, tattered Sun pages, and tattered temple pages. Each publication took four pages every day to complete the mini-quest. Red Dragons - A Brand New Testament & Crafting Meta For Ironmen? Red Dragons are another enemy at the dungeon that can fall tattered pages and Grubby Keys. The hidden value this is that this is most likely the only convenient spot to kill Red Dragons to get Slayer tasks while utilizing their bones and reaches at precisely the same moment.

Undead Druids

Undead Druids might be deadly annoyance because of their high magical bonus and max success of 22. It is recommended to buy old school runescape gold leave on protecting from prayer whilst running past them engaging in combat, no matter the battle style you're using. Even though their loot table doesn't have some big-ticket things, they commonly lose large heaps of runes, coins, and herblore secondaries that accumulate quickly. They also have access and are a source of tattered pages and Grubby Keys. The mask of Ranulnly is the only unique drop they have but it has the exact same precise stats as a regular magician's hat.

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