Attendees are offered a large number of actions

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It's Runefest baby! Its weekend -- our yearly festival where thousands of Runescape and Old School runescape players come to get a convention that's more impressive runescape 2007 gold and immersive. The Lord is my buddy Teezkut, a cosrunescape participant and Runescape member. Each year he generates a costume based on an match character and together we sponsor The Cosplay Show at Runefest.

Here we construct an set that recreates portions of our fantastical world for runescape gamers into, complete with skilling activities. Runefest is where buddies reunite -- runescape players with runescape players and, importantly, runescape players and us Jagex folk. Several hundred Jagex staff have contributed their time taking our in-game, on-stream, and relationship with runescape players and recreating it out to the world.

At the center of Jagex is a mission inspire and to connect through play. We believe hammering and maintaining a close connection with runescape players however interaction is a key part of what's changed Runescape and Old School from games to games. Living games move past the runescape game display with content and experiences to get runescape players to interact with -- make sure that on line, on streams, on social stations, or at events that attract runescape players and game makers together in person -- and Runefest is our greatest match up. Gamescom or think E3 mashed with Disney World and The Crystal Maze and you're somewhere near the Runefest adventure.

Attendees are offered a large number of actions and experiences by runefest. The space is split into six main appeals: an 1,800-seater principal stage from which the keynotes, game displays and talks are awarded; there's a LAN with countless PCs; an expo area is packed out of cheap runescape 3 gold with dressing and props recreating Runescape's dinosaur-infested area of The Land from Time and Old School's Fossil Island; a Panel Stage to sponsor Q&A sessions; a social area for runescape players to meet and lounge, in addition to the always-in-demand product store with exclusive new t-shirts and collectible designs.

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