There are limitations to this Kamas Dofus Retro game

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There are limitations to this Kamas Dofus Retro game, atleast not. Remember that the Dofus game existed until Dofus 1.29 and many several modifications were made to everything you said above. So they can do these things. It is just that a good deal of things, like server transport, title change etc, do not exist on Dofus retro since the technology was never developed there. They could rebuild the code to do it, but it is going to be a lot harder to do due to the way Dofus retro is structured. That is 1 reason they changed to Dofus 2.0, rebuilt it with the future in your mind.

It is never impossible to do something when it comes to programming. It is just a matter of time dedication and money.That said, the things you asked for specifically will probably never encounter to Dofus retro. People today play Dofus retro for Dofus retro. They will probably include QoL and bug fixes, but not balance changes or new content. They're building a new variant of Dofus in a new engine, ideally to resolve the memory leak problem that has stuck with Dofus eternally. And that variant would get equilibrium changes and content. But I really don't have a source to confirm or deny this. Just rumours I have heard.

Yeah well thats what I'm trying to imagine in regards to introdure the content from Dofus 2.0 to Dofus retro. For me, creating content at all need to undergo design (a lot of R&D), eventually stick to a choice, implement it, hotfix it and fix eventual bugs. Its essentially done since the entire idea is currently there If it comes to layout. Thats where the issue is. If they made a new engine to buy Dofus Kamas reestablish the monsters or create new animation for charms, thats basically all they must create from scratch (-ish, because you can attempt to make a simpler version of things exist in duration of animation).

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