World of Warcraft according to an old build of the game

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Then in Patch 1.7.0, the quantity of Defense on the helm has been reduced. In Patch 1.8.0, the 5-piece set bonus which comprised the helm was fixed to work of classic wow gold with Whirlwind, and in 1.9.0, it obtained a much better look with an art upgrade. "WoW Classic will only include that previous variant of the product, as it existed in our reference version: 1.12." World of Warcraft Classic, in whatever form it will take, has not been slated for an specific release yet, however BlizzCon isn't too far off now, so there is a good chance we'll hear more then.

We don't know a lot about World of Warcraft Classic, a project Blizzard is working on today that will see a variation of World of Warcraft according to an old build of the game. We heard a few days back that the game is in internal alpha testing, but the way back the group intended to roll the clock back was still not obvious. But now, we have a much better idea about exactly what it will look like, together with details about the game's itemization.

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Also, while articles will be unlocked in phases, systems like class design and stats on existing things will be completely based on 1.12. You can observe a select part of the reasoning below, or browse the entire post here.

"Developers have scoured through seller lists and treasure tables to get items that were added in patches, and then attached them to the staged content unlock program," they wrote. "This means that when a new item was initially added to some dungeon boss's loot table cheap wow classic gold using Ahn'Qiraj, you should not expect it to look at WoW Classic until Phase 5, that's the stage that has Ahn'Qiraj content.

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