Have you learned about the Archaeology skill

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The statement is Archaeology, the ability! With a shift in focus to the history of the world, it makes sense that Archaeology will be added to the game. They believed Necromancy, Spellcraft, and a few others, but I must say this is the best one for the game with RuneScape gold. It combines elements from gathering skills, in that you dig dig websites for things, and artisan skills, by blending, repairing, and improving in your finds. New weapons, an gizmo, and creatures will continue to keep this new. That's correct, it is a 120! Free-to-players will get access to it all the way up! On the Annual research they asked about stretching members abilities to 30 to get free-to-play, so when Archaeology drops in January 2020 it provides excellent feedback for if they should or not.

The thing about Archaeology is that the powers that are relic. Pick up to 3 from 20 ones, they will be passive skills on your own character. They published information on two : Abyssal Link, which eliminates the rune cost of teleport charms at the cost of experience (a very minor downside, in my view ), and Slayer Introspection, that provides you the minimum or maximum amount of monsters on a new task. The interesting thing about these is that it doesn't appear to increase the power level of this player, but instead allow several quality of life updates like not needing to run into the bank to get runes (although that does mean you have more spaces in your package for PvM).

The Elder God Wars Dungeon that is new seems to be somewhat intriguing. Jagex tends to drop a new boss each year, however with this growth (if the preceding two and current lore are anything to go by) there ought to be five, one for each Elder God. I have not started the quests involving the Elder Gods only yet, but from the lore I've seen this looks to be interesting since they view life as bees. Who will they choose as their winners? There's much more to talk about, but these were my favorites from RuneFest. Thank you for reading!

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Have you learned about the Archaeology skill? You likely have -- it has, after all, been 2019's worst kept secret. But the pleasure is there is a whole lot more to talk about. That is because Archaeology is a lot more than a skill. It's a gathering ability, much like woodcutting or fishing. It's about getting your knees dirty to amass puzzle pieces from our past. On the other hand, it's a manufacturing ability like Fletching or even Smithing, setting back these artefacts to create treasures.

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