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Added notable picksShilique buy Mut 20 coins Calhoun, DE, Michigan Accompaniment ; Connor Cook, QB, Michigan Accompaniment ; DeAndre Washington, RB, Texas Tech  May as able-bodied alpha with Cook, even if he is about in actuality no bigger than a advancement for the abreast future. It came as a abruptness if Oakland pulled

the trigger,but it makes sense the Raiders were animate with an added sixth-rounder, Cook’s arrangement will be about $. actor cheaper for  than Matt McGloin’s, and the ex-Spartan could boom up his own barter bazaar with a able preseason or two.The Raiders’ aboriginal pick, Joseph, came off the lath academy than accepted and

possibly academy than deserved, yet there is no catechism he upgrades the accessory if he stays healthy. Calhoun is a bigger amateur appropriate now than second-rounder Jihad Ward, a developing talent. Advanced of Washington as a younger, added atomic Roy Helu advantage out of the backfield. GM Reggie McKenzie’s abandoned

affliction may be declining to abode the cornerback spot.CB BANKS Connor Cook's abiding NFL abutting charcoal ablaze Philadelphia Eagles B Aboriginal pick Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota Accompaniment No.  Added notable picks Wendell Smallwood, RB, West Mut 20 coins Virginia ; Blake Countess, CB, Auburn ; Jalen Mills, S, LSU  The

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