Hosting comes for free?

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Free hosting is a dream come true. Consider the ambit of users' market objectives, support services, optimization, speed et al and that too free of cost. So many services ought to make your business a breeze in overseas market. Curiously, this paradisiacal service does not extend to offshore hosting. The free offshore hosting wave has not touched the shores as it should be expected to. In a free market place, where customer is the king and computer is a rand name nothing could go wrong - right? Think again! "Free" could come with a plethora of risks like no customer service support, ownership and storage issues, provider pulling down the shutters anytime, non-customization, unreliable or unprofessional services, among other hiccups. Not a royal treatment for the customer. Such instances leave very few choices in the hands of the customer. So, it is better to be penny wise than pound foolish.

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