Where and How to Get Animal Crossing New Horizons Mushrooms

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What would you use the mushrooms at ACNH for? 
Of course, these modern mushroom craft materials are used to make limited-time seasonal mushroom venture goods, but there is also a surprising amount of knowledge that you should know about the mushrooms themselves. They are also worth gathering on your daily rounds for those not very interested in collecting mushrooms or preparing the recipes. The first explanation is that they can be sold for bells and, respectively, the elegant and uncommon mushrooms sell for 10 000 and 16 000 ACNH bells. The second explanation is that the mushrooms behave much like fruit or turnips, and if eaten, you will be able to dig up trees and break rocks and things like that if you are given extra power. Of course, just in case you decide you want them and pick some fruit to use instead, it would be more beneficial just to save your mushrooms, but it is helpful to know. 

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, where and how to pick mushrooms? 
Mushrooms grow next to both hardwood and cedar trees on the ground now, but they will not grow near fruit trees or bamboo. So, if you have a hard time finding any mushrooms and you have more fruit trees than anything else, that could be why. Unfortunately, you literally can not find more than this, and unlike fossils or message bottles or profiles and islands, residents share those five mushrooms. Only a maximum of five of these mushrooms will grow every day per island. They don't get five of them each, which is a little distracting. This applies to all mushrooms, with the exception of rare mushrooms, which actually grow underground, occur in large spots and look much like fossils, while they still grow near trees. Some have now claimed that rare underground mushrooms simply replace one of the four regular fossils, which means that if you're lucky enough to spawn a rare mushroom, you'll only find three of the four fossils that day. Assuming that you collect fossils every day because, as you know, if you miss days, you will find a maximum of six fossils. That's still not 100 confirmed anyway. 

Now it is worth noting that, much like weeds, flowers, and pumpkins, mushrooms will grow on dirt paths and tend to prefer groups of trees or tree stumps out in the open over single trees. So again, if you're struggling to make any effort to plant a group of trees in the same area close together, this will improve your odds of finding mushrooms. In addition, it seems that mushrooms do not grow on mystery island trips, so, unfortunately, unless you visit the island of a friend and they're all right with you picking their mushrooms or traveling time, you're only going to get a limit of five a day. 

For time travelers out there or for anyone who wants to leave their mushrooms growing for a while before harvesting them, the good news is that each island will grow up to 30 mushrooms at any moment before they no longer grow. This means you could let 5 mushrooms grow every day for 6 days before walking around and collecting them all at the same time, if you have enough trees and space available. For this to work, though, if you're playing in real-time or traveling in time, you need to hear Isabelle's daily announcement every day for the next batch of mushrooms to spawn, if that makes sense. 

How can more rare mushrooms be gathered? 
But it's probably easier, to be honest, to only collect them every day. For eg, certain mushrooms are rarer than others and there is a high likelihood of such mushrooms spawning over others. Anyway, moving on just like the criteria. In reality, this spawning mechanic is based on the rating of your island and the higher your island rating, the easier it is to find the more expensive mushrooms that are uncommon. 
1. Higher-rated island with greater potential 
For example, if your island has a 3-star ranking, you will find these skinny flat or round mushrooms with a 30 percent to 35 percent chance, but you will only have a 1 percent chance of finding the rare mushroom. However, the chances of popular mushroom spawning decrease by up to 10 percent if you have a 5-star island ranking, but the chances of uncommon mushroom spawning increase from 1 to 10 percent, which is very cool. If you're looking to verify what your island ranking is, of course, just talk to Isabel at the resident services and ask her about your island assessment. 
2. More trees with the ability to spawn more 
For fully formed islands or islands with fewer trees than others, however, it might be difficult to get mushrooms to spawn because they need a certain amount of space relative to how trees grow before they spawn. You definitely need hardwood trees and cedar trees, not fruit trees. 
3. Visit the 5-Star Islands of Other players 
With Nook Miles Tickets, you can fly through those 5-star islands and find the chance to select rare mushrooms from there.

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