How To Fast Get ACNH Nook Miles Ticket?

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A Nook Miles ticket will become a very important part of your progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game is to build your small island, and to do this you will need resources. Although your island has resources, you will want to try visiting some mystery islands, which are full of all kinds of interesting things to find.

To travel to the Mystery Islands, you will need a Nook Miles ticket, which can be purchased at Kiosk in Resident Services for 2000 Nook Miles. To earn Nook Miles, you just have to play the game and cross certain milestones. You can check your Nook miles and milestones on your Nook phone. Many of them are extremely easy to get, just sell weeds to Timmy Nook, catch fish, insects and butterflies and harvest resources.

You'll also get a free ticket from Tom Nook himself while you play through the early stages of the game. The Mystery Islands are great to visit, for many reasons.

When you have a Nook Miles ticket, just visit the airport and tell them you "want to fly" to use it.

  • Resources - you can find lots of stones and trees to harvest.
  • Fruit - the only place to get coconuts. Bring some to plant on your own island.
  • Bells - if you are very lucky, you will find bags of Animal Crossing bells buried. Keep an eye on a spot of light on the floor. If you find them, plant them on your island, they will turn into money trees.
  • Villagers - you can find new NPCs on the Mystery Islands and bring them to live on your island.
  • Fossils - you can find a lot of fossils for the Museum.
  • As you can see, there are good reasons to work, get lots of tickets for Nook Miles, and then head to a mystery island.

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