Where to set? Basic Dofus Kamas answer: In dungeons

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Where to set? Basic Dofus Kamas answer: In dungeons, even, and in areas in your quest map. However, is it so simple? Discover the present in this guide's strings! A Perceptor is a monster invokable by Dofus players, placing himself regaining the fall in the close of the fighting of the location. It doesn't steal them however, since it puts them parallel the Dofus players (It had been his former behavior). It may be attacked by other Dofus players, which suggests a certain vigilance and to mount a complete strategy of prevention and defense. You'll need to have a Guild, to ask. Each guild has its own receivers with a number that is variable and characteristics based on its amount.

As it's your job the Collector will not have to attack. They rise by 1 per degree. With a maximum of 500, she has to climb to expect drop en masse. The experience accumulated by the Collectors is rather negligible compared to the drop, it isn't helpful to mount it, unless you do not have many people in your guild. In cases like this, a tax collector using 300-400 of Wisdom could be useful.

They are crucial if you would like to make a max of Dofus Kamas. Try to get at least 3000. Attempt to have a max (15 allows some comfort and prevent fighting with his guildeux). They are dependent on the spell method , with a cost of 5 points for 1 degree. Climb Disembowel and Rock, others are fairly useless.You will also need to get a Pie Invocation potion.

Some cards, however, ban the Perceptors. Rest assured, your potion will be refunded if you can not put it down. Also avoid putting in Zones without monsters (Cities, Villages, Haras de Brakmar). You must know how to endure his critter before even talking about dip and Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro Zones. Having a fantastic Guild and a Big Alliance is still the simplest solution, but a few Dofus players will always find the delight of attacking an harvesters at 4am, a massive disconnection time.

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