Even Guardian Astellia Online Asper boots

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Even Guardian Astellia Online Asper boots are watching more play on healers than Cleric boots. Blink cant actually compete against these spells and the potency of the charms more than makes up to the little% damage/healing passive loss and do not forget about the brand new leather passive which not only adds DR but some increased damage/healing or the capability to shoot CDR as a passive. More damage does not make Great Hammer good for a Tank, even if only considering PvE. Great Hammer is more suited to a damage build utilizing some leather. The trap + quiet combo is good for pulls and Defensive Slam is too good for PvPvE or Put simply .

The 1 thing it has going for it is a fantastic armor shred, but many teams are going to have Curse and wont want the bow shred which frees up a bow player to use the greater kit bows. Bear in mind, just because somebody in Red Army utilizes something does not make it great. Yes, Longbow AOE got a nerf, but that probably wont stick, and even if it did, it's still great for zoning in choke points and slowing packs/advancing PvP groups. As far as the skill shot Warbow is concerned, keep in mind that most people who game now a days have employed some kind of skill shot in their life. Its not a new mechanic. TBH most bow users may use Warbow or an Artifact bow but I decided to not mention that in my very first post since this video is geared towards new gamers that might not have easy access to artifacts.

As for Merc Jacket, the leech is much more for 1v1 in town/openworld ganking. It brings nothing to group content and except for when face tanking mobs it does nothing for solo . Ambush is a much superior damage/survivability spell that is what a bow uses needs. When paired against Assassins, Merc is a merely a level 10% damage loss using a lackluster spell.I did take into account in the amount of players the video is tuned to however you need to remember that most people come to Albion have played a similar game sooner or later. All info is better than half suitable information.

As a player since alpha 2, I feel these builds are dreadful, except the fire staff build. Albion takes a lot of time, and picking these builds to start off and not thinking about the end game use of these is detrimental in Albion. I understand that you stated they aren't the most best, but getting beginning gear right for the purpose you wish to do the maximum in Albion online is crutial. By way of example, if you would like to be a leading liner with a broad sword for hell gates and gvgs and you can't afford fancy gear just like a sarcophagus shield or a stalker jacket, the top build is cheap Astellia Online Asper going to be knight boots, protector helm, an assassin jacket, broadsword, and normal shield.

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