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Rather Cheap Football Hats , she surveyed 22,000 donors from these companies, and asked these donors what they assume of direct mail.

And there is the problem.

Donors will inform you they get also significantly mail. But respond anyway. Donors will tell you they detest getting fundraising telephone calls for the duration of supper. But give through the phone anyway. Donors will notify you they desire to listen to from you by email. But then won’t study your email appeals.

What donors say they will do and what they truly do are typically two diverse items.

I had a neighbor like that. Maurice said he’d never go to an estate sale organized by the local auctioneer because the auctioneer was “as crooked as a snake.” But wouldn’t you know, at the estate sale of a widow neighbor of ours, who was up at the front of the auction Cheap Football Shirts , bidding on all the objects he needed? Maurice.

If you want to discover exactly where philanthropy is heading, really don’t question donors what they want to do up coming calendar year. Inquire charities what they are carrying out subsequent calendar year.

That’s what the Affiliation of Fundraising Professionals did in the Fall of 2011 with an on-line poll of its members. Their Quick Poll mirrors what my agency sees happening in the sector, specifically, that the vast majority of charities (61% of poll respondents) are neither abandoning nor lowering their use of immediate mail. A whopping 35% of poll respondents are escalating their use of immediate mail.

Direct mail nonetheless principles the day in fundraising. Immediate-mail supplying nonetheless brings in the bulk of fundraising profits. The vast bulk of charities boost less than ten% of their annual revenue on-line.

If you want to uncover if direct mail is declining, look at your numbers. They are by no means mistaken. But donors at times are. And so are the researchers who report on those donors’ wishes and intended preferences.

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