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For most moms-to-be Cheap Sports Soccer Jerseys , having a small amount of control during labor is always better than having no control at all. This is one of the reasons birth plans are so popular. It's an opportunity to create - at least on paper - an ideal childbirth experience.

The birth plan is a simple, one-page document that lists important details regarding your preferences while you're having your baby. For example, it might include whether you wish to have an epidural administered; it may specify the coping skills you want to use; it might indicate whether you would like music in the background and if so, what kind. These and dozens of other details can be noted on your birth plan.

A lot of pregnant women are surprised to learn their birth plans can be dismissed or modified by their doctor or nurses. This can be deeply frustrating for moms-to-be Cheap Soccer Jerseys Online , especially when the doctor's decisions get in the way of their enjoying the childbirth experience. Below, we'll explore the reasons your birth plan might be changed by your doctor. We'll also provide a quick list of four important items to include.

Why Birth Plans Change

Giving birth is an unpredictable event. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong that require the intervention of your care providers. For example, your blood pressure may unexpectedly drop; the umbilical cord may somehow become wrapped around your baby's neck; your placenta may cover your entire cervix. Each of these events poses risks. Your health and that of your baby take priority over your preferences.

Your birth plan might specifically state your preference for a natural birth, but unforeseen circumstances might make a vaginal birth dangerous. Or Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , you might want to experience childbirth without the dulling effect of medications, but your doctor may be forced to administer a general anesthesia for an emergency cesarean.

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