Later it was cheap OSRS gold discovered

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Later it was cheap OSRS gold discovered that the individual had been pilfering ingame money and items.The studio's action was confirmed at a post on the Runescape website, which noted that the dismissal came following the discovery of irregular activity during regular checks. Tracing it back into a mod of this Old School edition of Runescape, Jagex

went quickly to neutralise any effect it had.Observing the shooting, the dev set about returning items and GP ingame money  to affected consumers  not something that usually happens when things go missing in this way, but since it was caused by a Jagex employee it is fair to say there is a different approach in play.If there are doubts

about how badly Jagex is taking the problem, the statement points out authorities are actively involved along with additional comments will have to wait until after investigations are complete."We pride ourselves on both the fire and ethics of the JMods that work for Jagex and we hold them to the highest standards," the

post ,"However, we are not scared to take tough action and make tough decisions if someone cannot meet these standards. "We will dust ourselves off, and move on. Old School is in its greatest and strongest since launching, but we have to do, not least a cellular launch that every old school rs gold day gets nearer."An upgrade confirmed no card details

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