The poster can be Fallout 76 Items claimed

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The poster can be Fallout 76 Items claimed until May 7 at no cost from the Atomic Shop, and players can place the images in their CAMP, which can be used to start the quest.The Burrows is described as a challenging experience that's best performed in a group with strong gear equipped.The other major change would be to vendors. Vendors from every faction will be in the stores at selling, meaning you may go to a single location for all of your buying and Whitespring. All vendors now have a pool of 1,400 caps. Previously, each vendor from every faction had 200 caps, which meant players needed to search around to sell their items with caps to someone to trade.

Player Espresso continues to be postponed until Patch 9, at which point players will be able to set up their own stores with cap pools and transactions.The full patch notes can be located on Bethesda's site; you will find additional changes such as the ability to name armor and weapon, participant turret damage changes in PvP, and a decrease of caps lost in Survival PvP.

While the internet continues announcing Fallout 76 the best disaster in videogames, players are getting on with creating their own fun. Their latest production is the Nukashine challenge.When the brewing and distilling update came, it included a new drink called Nukashine that triggers blackouts. You devote a couple of minutes watching Appalachia change colours as it's being graded by a movie director who has just found the impact, when you drink it, and then you wake up at a site.

The principles of the Nukashine challenge are simple. First you strip naked, stashing gear and all of your clothes except for a can of food, a knife, and one water that is purified. Then you drink a jar of Nukashine. Wherever you wake up, you have to journey back to your own CAMP without fast-travel, accepting help from other gamers, crafting fresh equipment, or obtaining any stashes. I altered the rules a bit of the Nukashine challenge. After reading about people I decided on buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps Fallout 76 as a reasonable home to return to rather, with the added bonus that I might get past some noobs. And I replaced the knife using a cane because I didn't have a knife wrapped in barbed wire. Then, I visited with the speakeasy to cook up some hooch.

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