I discovered a way to get a little bit of cash without RS gold

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I discovered a way to get a little bit of cash without RS gold leaving the GE for anything while improving your cooking and fire making/woodcutting involved equip your axe in any way times. From lvl 1 cooking consumed at least 3 k or 4 k in shrimp then cook all of them then spend another 1 k on trout. When all of the shrimp is keep purchasing raw shellfish and selling cooked pick up also select up ashes since it will save you 1 burnt fish. Then continue to do that until you cant burn trout that frequently and proceed into some fish of your choice and then maintain climbing every 15 levels so on fish this should result in not having to leave the GE. Problems are if the cooked cost is lower or even with the raw this will not work resulting in loss of cash and drop in fish a run for low level f2p players would suggest this to get a fantastic supply of food and only a lot of cash as a small grind reward for cooking and if you want to fish instead then start purchasing some food that's also available to assist work in your other abilities too I found that this mainly with the trout since it's cheap and provides 70 exp a fish.

I played literally since I was like 7 or 8 if rs2 came out in 2004. Off and on but wasted thousands upon thousands of hours scamming and botting and using actual cash to purchase maxed accounts managing to end up with no knowledge of how to great in members. For botting in my main, Chose to go legit after I got a second chance with a temp ban. After few years of playing OSRS I've 100mill bank a couple 99s and almost all quests finished.runescape educated me that you arent supposed to love grinding, you simply do it and you enjoy being better off for doing this, you dont have to enjoy training agility to feel the joy of eventually earning graceful or making mills from marks for example. OP stated himself he feels like he has nothing. And he could always do afk approaches. Most fun I have in buy RuneScape gold when im hanging out in a cc while on a slayer job is.

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