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While the web buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps continues announcing Fallout 76 the greatest disaster in videogames, players are quietly getting on with creating their own fun. Their latest production is the Nukashine challenge.When the brewing and distilling update came, it included a new drink called Nukashine that causes blackouts. You spend a few minutes watching Appalachia change colors like it's being graded by a movie director who has discovered the effect, If you drink it, you wake up at a random location.

The principles of this Nukashine challenge are easy. You strip naked, stashing all of your clothes and equipment except for a knife, a can of food, and one purified water. You then drink a bottle of Nukashine. Wherever you awaken, you must journey back to your own CAMP with no fast-travel, crafting new gear, accepting assistance or accessing any stashes. I modified the rules a bit of the Nukashine challenge. After studying about people I decided on Fallout 76 as a reasonable home to return to rather, with the additional bonus that I might get to streak past some noobs. And I replaced the knife using a cane because I did not have a knife, wrapped in barbed wire. Afterward, I visited with the speakeasy.

In fact, first I visit a farm to razorgrain and harvest corn, the two components. Is Nukashine some kind of bourbon? Because another player is there, back in the speakeasy I float out a tune on the piano and my rule is that I need to amuse players when I could. Alcohol needs the time to ferment after being crafted, but when I look in my stock I realize I have some Nukashine right there. Is a bit of a theme for me. I chased over to some stash, strip down to underpants and Pip-Boy, and put everything away I own except the permitted food, water, along with also my barbed cane. I drink crawl and the Nukashine around some rubble watching the entire world bicycle through red and blue for a little while.

When I wake up it is to the sound of a"new region discovered" telling, which is not a fantastic sign. I've got one high-level personality I have been enjoying since the beta and another who's only level 10 I use to butt around the area. That so it's the first time that I've been this way east with him when I wake up on a raft floating at The Mire north of Valley Galleria. Till I'm at least level 30 I shouldn't be in this region. There is a teddy bear and an empty jug with me on the raft and not much else. I drank Nukashine I woke up alongside a toy bear but there were a sword and two garden gnomes Fallout 76 Caps When there are no NPCs around to party with I suppose you need to create your own fun.

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