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As an older over 10 years participant Maplestory M Mesos of Maple Story (1) I know just what the problem is. In MS2 are not for my course and that I cant sell them or trade them. All I can do is dismantle them - for a Bow with maximum Pierce? In MS1 the mill gets to be exhausting since I am tired, and I might not log on for a week. I then get back to the grind because I know I can make mesos by helping others with their equipment and buy better equipment for myself. In MS2 its about the RNG with no way out of getting"Bad Luck". They are so focused on getting rid of the Meso Sellers they've lost track of the fact that what's the most fun for many players is that we could sell the fantastic stuff we get that we cant use and get decent gear that the RNG gods didnt choose to favor us with.

Additionally the most popular areas on old MS1 have been the Party Quests in which you needed to do jump quests or resolve sequences and clear some lesser monster displays before you got to your boss. It kept friendships. In MS2 its only"I wish I could give you these amazing throwing stars, but I have to destroy them instead." I have gotten over 50 B1 keys rather than a single B4 key and it took me 3 weeks to go from +12 weapon into +13 weapon. Why cant I buy a B4 secret or weapons that are cheap to use for magic? I thought I'd get 1 character for each course, but now I just want to appreciate what I have realized rather than spending my time and efforts on getting frustrated with a new personality - I'm not keen to spend time for a new personality. That is what I hate about this game. ?

Wizard and Priest are my mains. Wizard'cause since I usually play support in MMOs I wanted a fire-themed personality, and Priest. Generally , a healer class will probably be away from the action, casting ranged spells that'd cure their party without putting themselves at much risk. I have been having a good deal of pleasure with how backwards it's in Maple 2. The simple fact that I need to dive to heal up people is nervewracking, but in a great way. I love OP my fans feel, and chaining them with other people's buffs is a great deal of fun. That having been said, I spend more time than I do actually using abilities running around in a struggle. More often than not, you need to chase down your party members to heal them, since people tend to panic when they get seriously low. Appears less common than"Get the hell away!" ?

Think it's time to proceed out of maplestory 2. Ms1 last more than ms2 cuz they downgraded the match by taking a lot of stuff out. Developers won't recognize the rng is painful cuz the grind isn't enjoyable or creative. There are also a fantastic chunk of the fan base that tell ppl not to play cuz they can not stand reading opinions. Btw this match is p2w at korea and we have the very same rates but not the meret p2w items they've, they can also get epic pets out of dungeons MaplestoryM Mesos and we can not, insanity raids were made harder on us for literally no reason too, I read one of the korean guides they simply tell you to buy about two billion mesos (you can swap merets for mesos in kms2) just so you can get up to pace with the rest of the people playing.

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