low price solid wood cnc engraving cutting machine

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1. DSP Control suppot offline work,steel made new dargon gate,strong enough
2. X、Y axes transmission with gear rack, Z axis transmission with imported ball screws, ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine.
3. HQD/HSD aicooling spindle,strong power,suitable for cutting work needed
4. Applicatin of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.
5. High power spindle, brushless, water cooling/air cooling, working vigorously with low noise.
6. the Y adopt taiwan imported hiwin/pmi square rails,fast speed,high precision
7.strongest body structure,thicked wall never broken or damage
ModelSKW-1325 /  SKW-1530
X,Y,Z axis workin g area1300*2500*200mm/or as customized
Machine size3005*2100*1600mm
X,Y movementRack and pinion
Z movementBallscrew transmission
GuideTaiwan HIWIN/PMI 20 square rails(round rails optional)
Max idling speed40000mm/min
Max engraving speed23000mm/min
Spindle power3kw/4.5kw/6kw watercooling/aircooling (choose)
Spindle speed18000-24000rpm
inverter3.7KW/7.5KW(depend on spindle choose)
Drive motorsStepper motors (servo motors and drviers optiona)
Control systemNC-Studio as standard/DSP
Working voltage1220V/380V or customized
Command codeG code
softwareArtcam,type 3,etc
Standard equipment included1.automatic oil injection system
2.Tool sensor
3.vacuum table,5.5kw vacuum pumplow price solid wood cnc engraving cutting machine

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