Sensory Bed Sheet factory

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The sensory sheets for bed is a lightweight, super soft sheet that slips around your mattress to provide deep pressure throughout the night; providing a great alternative to weighted blankets. The 100% Nylon/Spandex sheet can be used with or without additional bedding, allowing you to stay cool and secure. sensory sheets for bed are a great option for the  hot summer months! The sheet uses it's elasticity to create compression up to your shoulders much like being cuddled to create gentle, distributed pressure across the body and reduce movement. This sheet will be assured to  stay on top of you during the night no matter how much you turn.
Note: Since this product relies on being tight to the body, the sizes of the sheets will not fit extremely thick or pillow-top mattresses  and use with very thin mattresses will lead to less compression. Material: 80% NYLON/20% SPANDEX Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low (do not iron, dry clean, wring or twist.
This unique dynamic movement sensory sheets for bed will help to improve self-calming, balance, increased body and spatial awareness,  and heightens movement creativity.
Fabric: 85%polyester&15%spandex; 80%nylon&20%spandex.
Design: Solid color and printed
1. Twin size:  95 x 153 cm 0.65kg
2. Full size: 130 x 153 cm 0.85kg
3. Queen size :157 x 155 cm 1kg
Packing: opp bag / PVC + custom printed paperbroad;Custom made box and carry bags.
User:Sensory Disorders of any kind(Sleep disorders/Insomnia /ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorder /Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder /Restless  Leg Syndrome/People who are 65 or older and so on ).
Benefit:helps the body relax;help people feel secure, grounded, and so on.Sensory Bed Sheet factory

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