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23%AL2O3 Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball - Catalyst Support Media
Product's Introduction:
Ceramic balls, also known as inert alumina ceramic balls, are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries as auxiliary materials for catalysts in reactors and column packing. Its main role is to increase the distribution point of gas or liquid to support and protect low-strength active catalysts. According to the AL2O3 content of inert alumina ceramic ball, ceramic balls are divided into: ordinary ceramic ball, inert alumina ceramic ball, medium aluminum ceramic ball, high aluminum ceramic ball, 99 alumina ceramic ball, open-hole ceramic ball, micro-porous ceramic ball, regenerative ceramic ball, etc.
Inert alumina ceramic balls are characterized by high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, low water absorption and stable chemical properties. It withstands the corrosion of acids, bases and other organic solvents and withstands the temperature changes that occur during production. Due to its excellent stability and reliability, it is the most widely used package in the world. Made of high-quality chemical porcelain clay material, it has excellent stability, high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. It is an ideal choice for various catalysts.
Inert alumina ceramic ball size selection
The size of the inert ceramic ball should be selected according to the size of the catalyst. Generally, the 2X rule (or gradation) is adopted. That is, the diameter of the ceramic ball should be twice the diameter of the adjacent catalyst, so that the distribution of the gas flow is the most uniform, and the pressure drop is minimal, the reactor is optimized.
Chemical Composition
> 92%23-26%68-73%<1%<2.5%<4%<0.5%
Leach able Fe2O3 is less than 0.1%
Physical Properties
Water absorption (%)<0.5
Bulk density (g/cm3)1.35-1.4
Specific gravity (g/cm3)2.3-2.4
Free volume (%)40
Operation temp.(max) (℃)1100
Moh’s hardness (scale)>6.5
Acid resistance (%)>99.6
Alkali resistance (%)>85
Crush Strength
SizeCrush strength
Size and Tolerance (mm)
Packaging & Shipping
Business Terms
Payment terms: By T/T, Irrevocable L/C , Paypal,Western Union, etc...
Delivery time: Approx 7-14 days for full containers,and 3 days for LCL shipment.
Shipping Method: By sea, By air, By express、By railway available.
Trade Terms: FOB、CFR、CIF、DDU、EXW、FCA, etc
Quality control:we have ISO, SGS, some other third party certificate and our company’s QC depart can do the regular test.
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